display2DISPLAY IV, a powerful interactive graphics pre- and post-processor, makes complex finite element modeling, analysis and results interpretation a cinch. Since its introduction in 1974, DISPLAY has been continuously developed to reflect the latest advances in computer graphics.

DISPLAY IV is a new version of the popular DISPLAY-III pre-/post processor and is designed for WINDOWS NT, 2000 and XP machines. DISPLAY IV is entirely object-oriented and can be used for programming in the 32-Bit Windows display1environment without using any native X-utility. It maintains all features and the robustness of DISPLAY III.

With DISPLAY IV, 3D graphics have been elevated to a higher level using Open GL capability, which enhances dynamic viewing, shading, lighting and animation capabilities. These have been incorporated for all graphical entities. A comprehensive HTML-HELP coupled with OS (Operating System)-HELP has been added to support all UI (User Interface) objects.

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